The meaning of bioeconomy or ecodevelopment

Interessante introdução às idéias de dois pensadores modernos.

Leonardo Boff

The current presidential elections have brought to the fore the question of development, a classic theme of the globalized macroeconomy. Either from ignorance or because the candidates realized that they would have to change everything, there was no mention of such crucial themes as the threats to life and our civilization, that could be destroyed by nuclear, chemical and biological processes, or by the planet’s ever increasing, eventually abrupt, warming, that, as many scientists suggest, would destroy much of the life we know, and could endanger the human species itself. As the Earthcharter puts it: «our common destiny calls us to a new beginning». No one has had that type of daring, not even Marina Silva, who brought up –to her great credit– the sustainability paradigm.

What we can say with certainty is that we cannot continue the way we are going. The price of our survival will be a…

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